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Intro to Social Media Marketing for Animal Shelters
Tuesday, January 18, 2022, 3:00 PM - 4:15 PM EDT
Category: Webinar

This webinar is tailored specifically to animal shelter representatives who want to learn more about the basics of social media marketing and how it can be utilized to increase online reputation, receive community support to increase staff morale, increase visibility to possibly decrease the animal length of stay/increase adoptions and so much more!

  • Definition of social media marketing including several basic terminologies (such as content, reach, engagement, and reactions).
  • Discussion of the 5 networking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Linkedin and YouTube noting the differences between them, and tips to understand how may or may not work for your organization.
  • Learn about the importance of social media marketing and ways to demonstrate analytics to potentially prove the ROI
  • Understanding of content and the importance of consistent posting. We’ll talk about the psychology of social media marketing and go over a few recipes for success.
  • The importance of ‘posting with a purpose’ and the value of social listening, including the presentation of a few examples of successful posts.
  • Long-time animal residents and a few examples of posts that had successful results.
  • The importance of return to owner posts including photographs and videos
  • The impact of creating sharable graphics, how you can easily make them, and the importance of building your brand online.
  • Research a way to develop an efficient social media plan and help you understand what your goals for your online presence might be
  • The significance of building your online reputation to potentially receive greater community support.
  • Creating an emergency or crisis communication plan in case it’s ever needed.

 Register here: Intro to Social Media Marketing for Animal Shelters – Justice Clearinghouse